Media Propaganda


Media Propaganda and Persuasion Throughout History

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to explore how media and propaganda have influenced decisions that we make everyday throughout history.  Students will learn about the different persuasive techniques used in advertisements and how they impact  decisions people make.  Students will also look at how fact and opinion and primary and secondary sources are often contributing factors as well.  Students will then take a field trip to a grocery store to examine location, color, labels etc. of products in the store and how that component of advertising impacts the consumer.

Once students have a solid overview and understanding of these ideas they will then create an original product advertisement that will need to include some of these discussed strategies.  During this process students will ask themselves our essential questions.  Do media presentations impact the way we think and live our lives?  What influences you to buy something? Students will get the opportunity to evaluate their own work as well as their peers and get feedback from the teacher.  Throughout this whole process students will be introduced to our classroom blog and will have 7 opportunities during the unit to post their thoughts  about specific blog questions and also read what their peers have to say about the questions.

Students will then take a look back in history at World War II and how the Nazis used propaganda to influence a nation and the world.  Discussions will  include how current political propaganda is used and influences its citizens to draw conclusions and make decisions. Activities will be done on the interactive propaganda segment of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum web site to further study this time period and the tactics the Nazis used.  The unit will end with a Unit Reflection/Assessment piece where students will answer the CFQs one final time to see if they feel the same way they did at the beginning of the unit or to see if their ideas have changed.

Group Advertisement Project

This is a videocast produced by Dennis Osuna, Leticia Ayala, and Alex Walker from my 7th grade Language Arts class.  Their assignment was to create a new product and then produce a 60 second commercial using at least 3 advertising techniques from the PowerPoint at the beginning of the unit.

Once you click on the arrow it may take a moment for the video to load.


Media Propaganda Unit and Materials

The following includes a complete unit plan along with all the worksheets, rubrics, blog questions, PowerPoints, and other materials that will assist you with this unit.